This is a place for me to share my random thoughts..

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Work in progress..

Diplomatic Vs Straightforward Management

When a person without knowing how to refer a dictionary asks you meaning of a word, you have two choices,
1. Tell him the meaning, show that you are a guru in vocab.
2. Show him how to refer the dictionary, let him find out on his own the meaning, helping him to improve performance.

I ll prefer the II way of doing that...

Work in progress...

Dedication is it really worth it?

Work in Progress...

Max Arderius/Uday Rajendran

So far these two people played a major role in who I am now and where I really belong... They are mentors to me.. Both have similar in many ways managing... not breathing through ones neck, but still getting work done in a way how they want it ;) I have to say they have really a very good art at stake... :)

More to come...
Let this blog be filled with some mystical statements... not everything is straightforward.. somethings I dont like to put straightaway and some others because of legal reasons.. :) So time for letting u think out of box...
when I wrote my last blog, I borrowed a friends Lap, and I later realized I shouldn't have.. well I should never hv borrowed.. and let people come out of what they think... I dont like hearing something and I know for real they meant something.. It hurts...

Monday and Tuesday were like days in hell... and these two days though I got what I was looking for(well not exactly..) it was not in the way I want :(

And its a bit tough when you dont get what u r putting ur life, energy, time for.. time to search for who am i.. and what I really want.

This is a place for me to share my random thoughts..

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