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Friday, August 7, 2009

Is open source one of Alien strategies?

This post is purely for fun :) no offense meant. This is just one of those random thoughts that doesn't mean anything at all.

Thinking about the time nowadays, I have to say I had become too obsessed with linux and its technologies. Slight introspection into the amount of time spent reveals that I am spending most of my free time(ofcourse apart from the work timings which is very productive with linux) reading new linux technologies. Damn Google reader.. :( It is one of those applications I check all the time craving for new releases/news. And even then I am not satisfied and browse for more. Yay, "Yeah dhil maange more". I had also become a member of and twitter. Going through the amount of updates and other blogs, I am pretty sure that I am not the only one :)

Might be introducing linux is one of those alien strategies who want the geeks(now I am not saying I am a geek :) ) to spend most of their time like this. Might be it is another way for aliens to dominate productive minds to make sure enough time is spent on opensource ;) who knows?? May be the whole opensource is a part of alien strategy..

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dhoni Sucks!!

Dhoni - The worst thing that could have happend to India/Chennai super kings in recent times. He is nothing more than a selfish batsman. The only thing that keeps him going is "luck". Why will anyone go in at no. 2 down when Hayden and even parthiv were smashing and bring all the momentum to an entire halt? This is not just about CSK Vs Delhi daredevils match on 23/04/2009, This even happens in the Indian team and the only thing that allows him to do so is the captaincy. By going in at no.2 what he is doing to the confidence/carreer/technique of batsman going regularly at no.2. And the worst thing is that he is not even keeping the momentum going. I am sure Badrinath from chennai/Suresh raina in Indian team can preserve losing of wickets better than him. Then what the hell is he doing at no:2 hiding behind the momentum built by hayden or sehwag/gambhir? one word to describe - "selfish"

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shift to Open source softwares!!

happened to post a couple of comments in

hmm y do I get the imagination that photoshop magically ships you to mars and Windows to Pluto?? Are you saying that no people wished any extra features in Photoshop/Windows? As a matter of fact they do.. infact every software will have points to improve on. otherwise it will be doomed as dead!! So you noticed a missing feature in a YYY software, and what did you do? rant in this article.. :) I must say that is an efficient way of improving the software YYY.. Did you ever considered sending a bugreport/wishlist to the authors? I see feedback as the only way to improve a software. It will not be granted by thy lord as you wish from heaven. I am not saying every wishlist will be provided for the releases but atleast it will act as a channel for communicating to the developer. But you can be sure that the bugreports will be fixed soon(if you are lucky and the problem is critical might be next release who knows?). After all its the communities that give larger support.

I do find a lot of report saying I can shift to linux because of blah blah..
I think some analogies can do a bit here:

Linux is just like learning UK english when u know US english already. They are not drastically different, but just in some subtle ways. If you want to goto England you just have to express certain things as in England. Its ridiculous to say that you will not go to England just because you do some things differently.

Linux is like going to a city from a remote forests. If you dont need sophisticated technologies, people who hear to your wishes, fine you can stay in the forest. No one forces you out of there :). This is just for people who want to get into city. Saying others that city has monsters does not make sense.

Linux is moving to democracy from dictatorship. If you want dictatorship, you will get it :). But remember democracy is where people get to vote for their wishlists and the softwares they want :) unlike the software dictator wants to force into his reign.

The truth Linux is more than ready for desktop shift and I can do hell lot of things that I cant in its competitors. I do find it more productive. It will need more than just mindless rants

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tensile strength: Spider web & Steel

Suddenly thoughts about the strength of spider web struck me and I was wondering if it might be stronger than steel... I thought sure someone must have went through this already and started google it. And I was not wrong, there were some researches and this one is a nice article I found....

(Update: sorry guys I removed the link since I dont know what kind of copyright is attached with it... Please search for the keywords in google and you might stumble on it..)

Ubuntu vs PCLinuxOS

Well It is not about which is a better OS overall, but which suited me better. Please read ahead for knowing further..

Generally the applications I use/dependant in a desktop:
email client
Java IDE
sometimes Eyecandy

Things I like:
PCLinuxOS(/Ripper Gang) did a really nice job in giving a very polished setup and collecting very good packages for PCLinuxOS 2007. I was not able to configure my KDE env in any other distro as good looking as the one how PCLinuxOS looks by default. And when I started setting up my box, I was just giving it a try and was thinking, "It must be another Linux, and I have to spend ages setting it up right to my preferences and applications". Amazingly it only took me 2 days of time(Including things I setup which I am going to use remotely). And its zooming faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast(well atleast in my box :) ). At one point I was even worried since I missed getting my hands dirtier in certain set ups. I will recommend it for anyone who wants to try linux(or even advanced users). Good thing was all the multimedia codecs were available "out of the box". (I mean, except for windows media codecs) 99% of the softwares I needed, I was able to get from the repository. (The remaining 1% is for setting up IE, Eclipse). Packages include Synaptic, Firefox, thunderbird, PCLinuxOS control center.

Things I am concerned:
1. I had to install ntfs-3g externally and do some configurations for mounting my ntfs harddisk. It would be great if Tex decided to include it in newer version.
2. I am waiting for the newer version to get released. But I dont know the exact schedule when it is going to get released. Sure I know it is for good. But it would be great if they atleast announces a tentative date.
3. Documentation in some areas need to be improved. I was not able to set up kopete over a proxy server. I knew I could somehow do it, but I was never able to find the right steps. I had to stick to Pidgin
4. I had to use lot of GTK2 applications which I feel does not fit well with KDE. Some applications I can say are Firefox, thunderbird, synaptic, pidgin, gparted(I might be wrong in thinking some applications uses GTK2 here). Whenever I use these applications, because of their performance and integration, I thought it would be better to use gnome(though its boring & sloooooow, this was one of the reasons for me in ubuntu right now...)

Things I was not able to do with Linux:
Sun Secure desktop Client.

It is a very good OS for a desktop if you have internet (and was not able to configure pclinuxos for some reason ;) ). It has huge repositories and eyecandies. But the policy of Ubuntu of not using proprietory software is a big stumble stone for someone who is newly starting up with Linux newly. Sure lot of help available over net. But for someone without net(if you are thinking, Yeah it is definitely possible and most people in India doesn't have net yet) it will not be a good choice. And setting up of the system took me almost a week(and I am still doing :( because gnome does not offer much configuration options). But since I have most of the ubuntu setup in my new laptop, I dont want to switch back to PCLinuxOS until the new version arrives. To be frank, I am not impressed. Ubuntu is too slow even with most of the services I configured not to start up with sysv. Boot chart shows time until log screen is 30:30. I have to change net to dhcp in home and static in workplace along with hostnames. In those cases, Ubuntu takes forever to log me from the login screen. Even sudo command takes a lot of time. But I had learned to live with it. And I dont want to waste another week of my productivity in setting up the system. So I ll stick with ubuntu for now. Reasons I chose Ubuntu are:
1. Excellent repository
2. Really responsive communtiy
3. NTFS supported from gutsy version. So I dont have to cross my fingers when I partition my disk(Yeah I know ntfs-3g is in beta stages. But so far it was very reliable for me)

When I tried kubuntu, I didn't get the same kind of attraction I got towards PCLinuxOS. Might be its just my taste :) so its ubuntu for me now...

The above comments are my personal and are from ONLY my experiences. You always have a choice to differ from it. After all "Its choice, which makes good people good" :)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Get over it.....

Sometimes I do wonder why dont we have a cheat for "GOD" mode in real life.... Atleast not to the level of invincibility but being tough mentally & physically... Certain things hit you hard even when you are expecting to face it. No amount of preparation is going to be enough. One classic example will be death. Everyone knows its somewhere around the corner, but still when it strikes it hits you and others so hard and takes everyone by surprise.

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