This is a place for me to share my random thoughts..

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Indians are world Champions

To every Indians excitement, our team managed to pull off a thriller against Pakistan. With this our record with Pakistan in world cup tournaments is still intact(I think I have no need to say India won all of them). It was a close match and could have gone either way, but Team India held their nerves and showed the world what "New India" means. BTW I am not into disregarding the seniors. I am one of the serious Sachin's fans and still think he is very unlucky(Unlucky is the term I can use, since Sachin did whatever he can under his control) to be a part of World Cup victorious team. It is sad that inspite of his brilliance he was never a part of team winning World Cup(and can never be, given his age and recent injuries). He spoke to a news channel after our guys won the match, and I can still feel his passion to cricket and his childishness sparkling in his voice. It was obvious that he is more than happy for the team winning. So, in short I think most of the guys in the current team have a very good future and record holders beware, they might break some of the records soon... Kudos to our team!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sep 26 Accident

One more proof that am a racer... I met with an accident yesterday :)... My byk was skidding almost 100 meters... I am not sure what gets into me when I get in my byk, might be feeling like god... But this prooved am still human and prone to injuries. My forearms, knees got badly scratched... and still my body is aching like I tried to move a mountain... well not really... Atleast I never moved a mountain.. :) It felt really cool when I applied tincher, Iodine on the scratches.. I am a biology student in my high school, so expecting some fever and sore lymphnodes might be today or tomorrow... BTW still I worked for some time and analyzed what is the problem behind some of the issues in my product... another proof that I am becoming a workaholic...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

My diary

After thinking for sometime, I remember I tend to forget things so often. So I am planning to make this as my diary, to keep track of what are the daily happenings and where am I headed.

So here are the events happened sometime back:
1. I think I am becoming a workaholic, woking day in day out for Oracle(For those DBAs the product I am working on is Rapid Clone)
2. Successfully completed 11g integration with 11i Rapidclone.
3. Sad news is that I am still single :(
4. I had visions of being great, but still lot to do to achieve the goals. Have to work on them yet.

This is a place for me to share my random thoughts..

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