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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dhoni Sucks!!

Dhoni - The worst thing that could have happend to India/Chennai super kings in recent times. He is nothing more than a selfish batsman. The only thing that keeps him going is "luck". Why will anyone go in at no. 2 down when Hayden and even parthiv were smashing and bring all the momentum to an entire halt? This is not just about CSK Vs Delhi daredevils match on 23/04/2009, This even happens in the Indian team and the only thing that allows him to do so is the captaincy. By going in at no.2 what he is doing to the confidence/carreer/technique of batsman going regularly at no.2. And the worst thing is that he is not even keeping the momentum going. I am sure Badrinath from chennai/Suresh raina in Indian team can preserve losing of wickets better than him. Then what the hell is he doing at no:2 hiding behind the momentum built by hayden or sehwag/gambhir? one word to describe - "selfish"


Vika24 said...

I totally agree with u. He s the reason why India lost the match to the West Indies. He made what just 12 off 30 balls. Its time he realized he was playing t20 and not test cricket

swathi said...

Yep I too agree with you... He is good for nothing.. Stealing other's success.. He is fake..

This is a place for me to share my random thoughts..

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