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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shift to Open source softwares!!

happened to post a couple of comments in

hmm y do I get the imagination that photoshop magically ships you to mars and Windows to Pluto?? Are you saying that no people wished any extra features in Photoshop/Windows? As a matter of fact they do.. infact every software will have points to improve on. otherwise it will be doomed as dead!! So you noticed a missing feature in a YYY software, and what did you do? rant in this article.. :) I must say that is an efficient way of improving the software YYY.. Did you ever considered sending a bugreport/wishlist to the authors? I see feedback as the only way to improve a software. It will not be granted by thy lord as you wish from heaven. I am not saying every wishlist will be provided for the releases but atleast it will act as a channel for communicating to the developer. But you can be sure that the bugreports will be fixed soon(if you are lucky and the problem is critical might be next release who knows?). After all its the communities that give larger support.

I do find a lot of report saying I can shift to linux because of blah blah..
I think some analogies can do a bit here:

Linux is just like learning UK english when u know US english already. They are not drastically different, but just in some subtle ways. If you want to goto England you just have to express certain things as in England. Its ridiculous to say that you will not go to England just because you do some things differently.

Linux is like going to a city from a remote forests. If you dont need sophisticated technologies, people who hear to your wishes, fine you can stay in the forest. No one forces you out of there :). This is just for people who want to get into city. Saying others that city has monsters does not make sense.

Linux is moving to democracy from dictatorship. If you want dictatorship, you will get it :). But remember democracy is where people get to vote for their wishlists and the softwares they want :) unlike the software dictator wants to force into his reign.

The truth Linux is more than ready for desktop shift and I can do hell lot of things that I cant in its competitors. I do find it more productive. It will need more than just mindless rants

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This is a place for me to share my random thoughts..

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