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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Indians are world Champions

To every Indians excitement, our team managed to pull off a thriller against Pakistan. With this our record with Pakistan in world cup tournaments is still intact(I think I have no need to say India won all of them). It was a close match and could have gone either way, but Team India held their nerves and showed the world what "New India" means. BTW I am not into disregarding the seniors. I am one of the serious Sachin's fans and still think he is very unlucky(Unlucky is the term I can use, since Sachin did whatever he can under his control) to be a part of World Cup victorious team. It is sad that inspite of his brilliance he was never a part of team winning World Cup(and can never be, given his age and recent injuries). He spoke to a news channel after our guys won the match, and I can still feel his passion to cricket and his childishness sparkling in his voice. It was obvious that he is more than happy for the team winning. So, in short I think most of the guys in the current team have a very good future and record holders beware, they might break some of the records soon... Kudos to our team!!!

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This is a place for me to share my random thoughts..

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